Student Funding

Funding for Student Participation in Eurographics Conference

The Eurographics Organisation provides financial support to enable 20 students to attend the upcoming Eurographics Conference.

The funding is to cover the cost associated with registration (380 Euros) and a stipend of 400 Euros which is expected to cover the students’ accommodation expenses.

Eligibility criteria for students to receive conference funding:

  • A letter of support or recommendation from the student’s supervisor, endorsing the importance of the conference to the student’s academic and research goals and indicating financial need.

The funding is available to any student. In case it is oversubscribed, priority consideration will be given to third country nationals (specifically those from countries with limited representation at the conference), students who belong to underrepresented groups and students from Widening countries.

Letters of support should be submitted to by Friday, 8 March (Extended Deadline).