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Tamy Boubekeur

Tamy is a computer graphics research scientist. His currently a Senior Principal Research Scientist and Senior Director at Adobe Research, leading the Paris Lab. He is also Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris and he is currently on leave from his (main) professorship in Computer Science at Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, where he founded the computer graphics group in 2008. He was previously director of 3DI Research&Labs at Adobe, Chief Scientist at Allegorithmic, Research Associate at TU Berlin (Germany), and research team member at INRIA (France) and the University of British Columbia (Canada). He received a M.Sc in Computer Science (2004) and a Ph.D in Computer Science (2007) from the University of Bordeaux as well as a HDR (“Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches”) in Computer Science from University Paris XI (2012). His research areas focus on 3D Computer Graphics, with a special interest in modeling, rendering and learning efficiently 3D data, which includes shape analysis (from spatial to statistical methods, with application to recognition, interactive modeling and rendering), geometry capture, processing, editing, real-time image synthesis, global illumination, GPU programming and graphics data structures. Over the last few years, his team has transferred a number of its technologies to the Adobe Substance 3D products, including major rendering, modeling and AI features.

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Fabien Castan

Fabien CASTAN is the lead developer of the Research team at Technicolor Creative Studios.

Technicolor Creative Studios is a creative technology company providing world-class production expertise driven by one purpose: The realization of ambitious and extraordinary ideas. Home to a network of award-winning studios, MPC, The Mill, Mikros Animation and Technicolor Games, we inspire creative companies across the world to produce their most iconic work. Our global teams of artists and technologists partner with the creative community across film, television, animation, gaming, brand experience and advertising to bring the universal art of storytelling to audiences everywhere.

Fabien CASTAN is specialized in 3D Computer Vision for Visual Effects. He has been working on production pipelines for film, advertising, game and animation at Duran Duboi, Ubisoft and Mikros. Technicolor Creative Studios is actively developing Meshroom, an open-source 3D computer vision toolbox, that connects research, industry and community at large.

Celine Loscos

Céline LOSCOS has a 20+-year experience of research in Computer Graphics, contributing to global illumination rendering solutions, crowd simulation, AR/VR, 3D reconstruction, and HDR imaging. Since 2022, she has worked in the 3D graphics team of Huawei Nice Research Center where she explores solutions for next generation low power premium smartphones in order to extend playtime while targeting seamless gaming quality experience with high-end desktops, with a special focus on future real-time game rendering approaches.

Huawei Technologies is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Huawei is involved in the development of the digital sector and supports research and development in Europe. Huawei Nice Research Center is located in the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park. Among other missions, the team in Huawei Nice Research Center innovates in the field of low power 3D graphics rendering systems for high-end smartphone gaming use cases.